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Hyder is a small town of 87 residents located in southeast Alaska at the head of the Portland Canal. It's the easternmost town in Alaska, about 2 miles from Stewart, Canada. The Portland Canal is a 130-mile long fjord that forms part of the border between the United States and Canada. It's the second longest fjord in the world. Hyder is well-known for being a point in Alaska that is accessible by car from Canada. Thus, it's a famous destination for those from Canada and the U.S. who wish to say they've visited Alaska. Hyder is also notable for being the only place in Alaska not to use the 907 area code, but British Columbia's 250 area code. Children are sent to a Canadian school, Canadian currency is preferred (although the U.S. Post Office will accept only American currency) and the town observes Canadian holidays. Hyder and Stewart also share a mutual international Chamber of Commerce. The town of Hyder is famous as the place where folks come to get "Hyderized!" Two of the towns bars issue certifications to patrons if they consume a shot of 150 proof (75% alcohol) Ever clear (this is being "Hyderized.") Every Memorial Day, Hyder is host to the annual Hyder-Seek which is a gathering of long-distance motorcyclists who travel from all over North America for the event.

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The southeastern edge of the Alaska Panhandle, which is the easternmost point in the state, has a humid continental climate. This classification is unusual for a place so far north. It lies in the rain shadow of the coastal mountains, which allows the region to receive only half as much precipitation as other areas of the state. This region lies at the head of the Portland Canal, a 130-mile long fjord which forms a portion of the border between the U.S. and Canada. Portland canal is the second longest fjord on Earth. Average temperatures range from 20 to 60 degrees F., but wind chill factors often make it feel colder. Winters are warm and receive abundant rainfall. Average accumulated snowfall is 100 inches, although snow tends to melt soon after falling.

     Month       High Temp   Low Temp   Rainfall   Ocean Temp 
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April - - - -
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