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Afognak-Island is located about one mile north of Kodiak Island off the southern coast of Alaska. It's 699 square miles in size, making it the second largest island in Alaska and the 18th largest in the United States. Afognak Island is heavily forested and mostly undeveloped wilderness. The forests are home to brown bears, Roosevelt elk and Sitka black-tailed deer and other wildlife. The waters offshore contain orcas, sea lions, seals, sea otters, gray and humpback whales. Afognak Island State Park covers most of the east and north sides of the island, and the rest of the island is divided between the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge, other Alaska State Parks and various Alaska Native corporations. A village known as Port Lions sits on the northeast coast of the island. In the summertime, seasonal tourists come for hunting and salmon fishing in the many lakes and streams. Offshore saltwater fishing is also popular for halibut, sea bass, flounder, greenling and red snapper. Other things to do on Afognak Island include hiking, beachcombing and birding. Cabins are for rent in the national wildlife refuge and the state park. There's also a few remotely located fishing lodges and logging camps for those looking for a more rugged camping experience.

Surrounding areas: Ouzinkie, Alaska (28.4 mi), Port Lions, Alaska (33.0 mi), Kodiak, Alaska (38.2 mi)

Afognak Island Vacation Rentals

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Afognak Island Weather & Climate

The islands off the south-central coast of Alaska, have a sub polar oceanic climate, with long, cold winters and mild summers. Precipitation is heavy year-round, with more rainfall of anyplace in the U.S., except Hilo, Hawaii. The climate on the southern islands is dominated by a strong marine influence. There is little freezing weather, but severe storms are common from December through February. Precipitation is moderate, with an annual average of 35 inches. Cloudy weather and fog are almost constant. Temperatures during the summer range from 60F-80F. Nighttime and early mornings are cooler, from the 40's - 50's. Late August and September temperatures are slightly cooler, and slightly fewer hours of sunlight. Autumn arrives early at these latitudes.

     Month       High Temp   Low Temp   Rainfall   Ocean Temp 
January 33°F 22°F 6.85 in. -
February 34°F 22°F 5.06 in. -
March 38°F 24°F 4.55 in. -
April 43°F 29°F 5.46 in. -
May 49°F 35°F 5.76 in. -
June 55°F 42°F 4.66 in. -
July 60°F 47°F 3.72 in. -
August 62°F 47°F 5.16 in. -
September 55°F 41°F 6.88 in. -
October 45°F 32°F 6.63 in. -
November 37°F 26°F 5.82 in. -
December 34°F 22°F 6.61 in. -

Afognak Island Map & Transportation

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The closest airports in the area are the Kodiak airport (ADQ) located about 40 miles south of Afognak Island in Kodiak, Alaska.

Afognak Island Attractions

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